Microfibre Roller Sleeve


Microfibre Benefits
Microfibre has a high absorption capacity resulting in the efficient pick up and release of paint and provides a consistently smooth finish. Microfibre is ideal for both water and oil based paints and great for all surface applications.

Before Using
Wash the roller in either water or solvent (depending on the paint being used), then roll it out to remove loose particles and dust.

Remove the roller from the frame immediately after you’ve finished painting. Do not allow the paint to dry on the roller. Remove excess paint from the roller and then wash as follows, depending on the paint type used.

Water-based Paint
Wash roller out in warm soapy water. Rinse in clean water, spin to dry and then stand roller on its end to air dry in the shade. Do not squeeze the roller dry.

Oil-based Paint
Wash roller out in solvent, then follow instructions for water-based paint above.

Do not leave the roller to soak in water or solvent. Do not wrap up or bag the roller with paint still on it. Following the cleaning and storage instructions will result in your Polycover roller having a long lifespan.


Available in 230mm (with a 4mm and 10mm Nap) and 270mm (with an 4mm, 10mm and 15mm Nap).


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